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Entering the Flow

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Connecting to and entering the “flow” is actually as natural as breathing.  Unfortunately, most of us have forgotten this and have become disconnected from the life force energy that is our birthright.  As a result, I have spent several posts talking about how to “clear”,  “let go”, and “heal” your life first before even addressing the “flow“, mainly because anytime you are living your life unskillfully or holding on to things that hold you back, your ability to access the flow is greatly reduced, if not impossible.  You have to clear away the debris and heal the parts of you that are disconnecting you from this vast energetic source – namely the flow.

As you continue your journey of developing a healthy personal foundation, now it is time to start connecting to the flow.

Some people can enter the flow immediately with no problems and others have more difficulties.  There is no standard time frame for successful entry or right or wrong here.  Everyone’s engagement with the flow is different.  Just know that entering the flow is a process that gets easier with time and practice.   Eventually, entering the “flow” will become as natural as walking.

Contemplative Practice

As I have mentioned before, it is important to have a contemplative practice that helps you train your mind to be fully present.  Training your mind to be steady in the present moment will help you to access the flow with greater steadiness and clarity.  So, if you don’t already have a daily contemplative practice, please begin one ASAP.  It can also be valuable to find a good teacher who can guide you in your process.

Even though you can access the flow anytime during your waking day, I have found that the best time to enter the flow is during your meditation time or any time you can take to be quiet and alone.  I prefer to connect with the flow at the end of my meditation session, because my mind is usually much more concentrated and still.  I also prefer to be sitting up in a comfortable position, because I am more alert.  I have a tendency to fall asleep or space out while lying down.  That’s a nap, and not the flow.

Start by closing your eyes and relaxing.  (I like to follow the sensations of my breath until I feel that I am fairly relaxed. ) Then take a few moments, or as long as necessary to feel the energy flowing through your body.  You may hear or feel your heart beating, or notice the blood and oxygen coursing through your body.  Open up to this energy field in your body.  If you have difficulty with this, center your awareness on the parts of your body that you feel the most energy, like maybe your hands or feet.  It may help you to mentally name the primary energetic sensations you are feeling in your body, like:  movement, heat, pulsating, throbbing, rippling, tingling, coursing, or prickling.

When you feel really connected to the energy in your physical body, expand your awareness to also include the energy coalescing through your heart – or wherever you feel your emotions.  Notice the energy produced by these feelings/emotions.  You don’t need to analyze these emotions.  Instead, do you best to stay out of the mind’s narrative tendencies and stay with the bare sensations of feeling your heart’s emotional energy.

Now that you can sense the energy in your body and heart, expand your awareness to include the energy field in the room you are in, or a general 10-foot square vicinity.  If you can’t sense this energy, remember that energy is emanated by all living things.  Heat, sound, light, thought, and movement are all sources of energy.  If you can feel warmth on your body, sense light emanating through your eyelids, or hear various sounds coming into your sphere, that will help you connect to the energy field around your body.

Now let your awareness of energy expand beyond this room and connect with all the energy that exists in your community, state, country, the earth, and throughout the cosmos.  With practice, most people can feel this field as a huge river or pool of energy flowing, or undulating through all existence.  You may sense, like I do that it is the force from which all life springs.  Sometimes the flow waves feel calm and soothing, or moderate, and other times these energetic waves feel like a tsunami.  If you feel that the energy you are connecting with is too intense, you may want to back off a little, and proceed again after you have more stability of mind.  It may help you to remind yourself that no one has been irrevocably harmed by this process, and you will be fine.  In fact, most people feel invigorated by connecting to this universal energetic field, which I call the “flow”.

Now that you are connected to the energetic waves of this body of energy, now connect your heart to the BIG HEART that exists within this flow.  I don’t know what this BIG HEART is, but it feels to me as the result of all beings’ hearts linked together.  You will most likely feel a huge wave or sense of love, caring, and connection.  You will also be able to sense the presence of all the myriad of emotions undulating through this pulsating and limitless pool.

Now totally surrender to the flow for as long as your wise self or intuition feels is appropriate.  You may want to start for a couple of minutes and eventually add more time.  If you have a tendency to get attached or addicted to pleasant experiences, you may want to limit the amount of time you spend in the flow to no more than 30-minutes.  I usually spend about 5 to 10 minutes in the flow zone.

I usually just connect and surrender to this flow, without trying to control or force an outcome.  But, if you have any questions about your life or intentions for manifesting life plans, drop them into this field.  But remember that after you let these questions or intentions go into the flow, let them go completely, without needing an answer or a result.

Once again, the process will get easier and more natural with time and practice.

In my next blog, I will be talking about how to fully surrender to the flow.

Flow, flow, flow.

-Ronya Banks

I look forward to hearing about your flowing processes.


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